Issues regarding Daily, Star Tribune riot coverage

by Mike Rose


During coverage of Saturday night’s Dinkytown riot, Minnesota Daily Editor-in-Chief Vadim Lavrusik contributed reporting to the Star Tribune after a night editor called him repeatedly, asking for information on the riot. Lavrusik also contributed similar reporting to the Daily.
Lavrusik told other Daily staffers that all that he gave the Star Tribune was content he personally reported on, not material being called in by other reporters and editors on-scene. The Star Tribune did run some content that came from another reporter, but according to Lavrusik and The Star Tribune, that material was taken from the Daily’s online story and was not supplied to the Tribune by Lavrusik.
The Star Tribune story, which originally had Vadim Lavrusik as the author, is now attributed to The Minnesota Daily and The Star Tribune. The material pulled from the Daily story remains, but this editor’s note has been attached: “Part of this report were written by Vadim Lavrusik for the Minnesota Daily and refashioned by a Star Tribune editor for Sunday’s Star Tribune. Lavrusik, who is editor of the Daily, is also on class assignment for the Star Tribune.”
We hope this clarifies any confusion from our readers.