Fatboy Slim loves the World Cup

by Spencer Doar

The World Cup starts in two days and Fatboy Slim has a proper musical tribute to get you feeling football festive.  The DJ put together “Bem Brasil,” a two-disc ode to Brazilian dance music (teasers to all the tracks here).  It's music that makes your limbs tingle if they aren't moving. Don't throw this on if you're trying to accomplish anything.  

Slim, an avid soccer fan, has direct history with the World Cup going all the way back to 2002 when he toured host countries Korea and Japan during the tournament. His ties with Brazil are just as deep.  After a DVD of one of his shows in England blew up in Brazil, the iconic house DJ played a show for 360,000 fans at Rio’s Flamengo Beach in 2004 — an affair so mammoth that it was broadcast on national television and cemented him as a Brazilian favorite.   The soccer fan will play shows throughout Brazil during the Cup, a touring tactic he also employed during 2010’s World Cup in South Africa.