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Published June 13, 2024

On hot dogs and football

On Thursday, the editorial board threw our support behind a small tax that could go into effect for the host community of a new Vikings stadium.

I’ll be honest, I thought we’d get more than a handful of comments (5 at the time this was posted) admonishing us for supporting a tax hike, but alas I guess that only happens when we criticize Jimmy John’s employees.

Maybe this is because numerous Minnesotans support a new Vikings home. Maybe it’s because the tax isn’t that outrageous. Or maybe it’s because people are like me and don’t personally care one iota about what actually happens on the field during a game, but know that with a new stadium comes a new place to enjoy top notch, delicious hot dogs.

My editor argues that you can have a hot dog anywhere. In reality, it’s so much more than leftover meats that have been encased into a perfect cylindrical shape. My fondest memories of Vikings games as a kid consist of me wolfing down a Dome Dog with relish and mustard. I would enjoy every bite while I pretended to know what was happening on the field with the old pig skin: that’s a saying, right?

Some of you may be thinking, “But Adam, you can enjoy all this at Target Field. Also, I’m concerned by your zeal for food with high sodium. Is your heart on the verge of explosion?” To those people I say, baseball is uber boring and that my sodium intake is already a concern.

So let’s get a move on lawmakers. Find some revenue that can fulfill all my wildest hot dog dreams come true. Oh yeah, and keep the Vikings from leaving Minnesota.

-Adam Daniels


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