Man found camping out in apartment

by Jessica Steeno

A man found camping out in the boiler room of an apartment building on the 700 block of 15th Ave. S.E. was arrested for trespassing Saturday by Minneapolis police, a police report stated.
According to the report:
Residents said the man, whom they had never seen before, was sleeping in their apartment’s basement boiler room. When police found the man in the basement, he was lying on the floor in a sleeping bag with a case of beer and a winter jacket lying next to him.
When police asked the man why he was in the basement, he said he had just walked in and found his way to the boiler room to sleep there for a few nights.
Police searched the man, who has no permanent address, and found a knife and a flare, which they took from him. The man was taken to Hennepin County Jail and cited for trespassing.
In other police news occurring between Oct. 28 and Nov. 3:
ù A man was cited for panhandling Sunday on the 1500 block of University Ave. S.E., according to a University Police report.
Jan Allen Hardman, 50, had been begging passers-by for money, the report stated. A University Police officer witnessed Hardman panhandling and received complaints from pedestrians in the area about his aggressive behavior. When Hardman was questioned, he admitted he had been begging for money, and the officer cited him for panhandling. The man did not have a permanent address.
ù An unidentified amount of narcotics was stolen last week from the University’s Oral Surgery Clinic, according to a University Police report.
Employees of the clinic, located in the Malcolm Moos Health Sciences Tower, 515 Delaware St. S.E., would not comment on the incident. University Police Detective Brad Herberg said he did not know what kinds of narcotics were stolen. He said police do not have any suspects in the incident.
ù A man who worked at the Hubert H. Humphrey Center cafeteria threatened a woman who works there Oct. 23, according to a University Police report.
The employee who did the threatening claimed he did not receive a paycheck, the police report stated. The woman was scared by the man’s verbal threats and fled to her office. The man was fired because of the incident.
The woman also received threats via telephone from the man the next day, and she also reported that incident to University Police.
Herberg said the woman has not heard from the man again, and she made the report just to be safe.