No need for apologies

Sraddha P. Helfrich has once again astounded me with her sanctimonious proselytizing on a wide range of subjects in the Dec. 9 column “Can we be at peace while creating war?”

She feels we should go down the path of perpetual remuneration and reparation to the victims of our warlike nature. I believe a different plan is warranted. Throughout history, cultures and civilizations have fought one another for dominance.

I find it ridiculous and unnecessary for any person to apologize for actions they are not responsible for, directly or indirectly. I certainly empathize with the victims of the United States who suffered under its growth (according to Helfrich’s long list, there apparently have been quite a few), but nothing more.

We live in the time in which we were born, and I understand that we cannot and should not actively try to make up for that past. Without many of these evils, Helfrich and I wouldn’t be living in Minnesota and enjoying the comforts we do. People should not feel guilty for what they have and where they raise their families because of events that were set in motion by complete strangers centuries ago.

Helfrich also bemoans our general lack of harmonious nonaggression as individuals, which could make us more peaceful as a nation. The key is to find a happy medium where people are aggressive in seeking out their goals and striving to do their best while still getting along with their neighbor.

I truly believe that most people have achieved this balance. Helfrich and her friend who think helping others in need is distinctly “un-American” fail to see past their own noses, because I see students helping one another every day on this campus. Indeed, all-out aggression and selfishness are no worse than complete pacifism and temerity.

Adam Chelseth, sophomore, history