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Published June 13, 2024

Right-wing comedians perform at Coffman

The Right Stuff” comedians stepped on uncharted territory Wednesday night at the Coffman Union Theater.

Their first time appearing on a college campus, the right-wing comedians performed in front of 205 University and community members.

The performers – who walked onstage to the music of Dr. Dre – bashed Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., gay marriage, the European Union and tree-huggers while defending President George W. Bush and conservative politics throughout the show.

The 90-minute stand-up comedy featured four headlining comedians – Jeff Jena, Steve Eblin, Julia Gorin and Chris Warren.

“It was OK, but they’ve been going on the same joke premises forever,” senior Matt Henderson said.

Minnesota Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, a Republican, attended and said she was glad the University was promoting right and left ideology on campus.

“I should be able to hear provocative liberal and conservative speakers at the University,” she said.

Show creator Eric Peterkofsky said he was extremely excited to be at the University because they were going into the heart of the enemy – a liberal college campus.

Gorin said she was delighted to perform at the University because of the strong Republican following on campus.

Warren was also pleased to be present.

“College crowds seem to be more passionate and fun,” he said.

“This show is revenge for the Bill Mahers, Janeane Garofalos and the Margaret Chos,” Peterkofsky said about the liberal-dominated comedic scene.

He said liberals dominate Hollywood and academia.

“Coming out gay in Hollywood is encouraged. Coming out Republican isn’t,” Peterkofsky said. “We’re trying to convince the gatekeepers of pop culture that we’re valid, too.”

Warren said he was motivated to perform in the show to provide a different perspective that left-minded institutions, such as the media, do not provide.

“I was over in Iraq doing shows for troops, and what I saw over there was completely unrelated to TV back here. It wasn’t even close to accurate,” he said.

Senior Martin Andrade, Students for Family Values president, said he wanted to bring the show to campus after seeing liberal groups bring in Michael Moore in October.

“Normally, conservatives bring in boring, older speakers with scholastic ventures. (This comedy) is a different take on it,” he said.

A curious junior, Joel Bradley, came to the show because it was free. He said he does not identify himself as a conservative, but found the humor in the show.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect,” he said. “It’s all pretty funny, but for different reasons. Some of it was a little absurd and there wasn’t enough jokes about people blowing themselves up.”

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