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Editorial Cartoon: Alabama and IVF
Editorial Cartoon: Alabama and IVF
Published March 1, 2024

The Daily has not been destroyed

This year’s Daily: Moving and shaking across the street and into your hands.

In case you’re wondering what that giant blob of dirt, rubble and confusion where the Daily used to be is, fear not. We are conveniently located 100 feet away in a newer building.

Going forward with a longtime plan to move because of future stadium parking, the Daily packed all of our reporter’s notebooks, computers, and piles and piles of knickknacks and posters collected by our notoriously messy photographers and crossed the street to our new domain – 2221 University Ave. S.E.

People always say things like “with the new year comes big change” but trust me on this one – not only do we have a new joint now, but also we’ve a bustling, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed staff ready to fill your newspaper-y needs.

Organized news sections
To better serve you all, we have reformatted the organization of the Daily, chopping the news into comprehensive sections. You can still pick up the Daily and see our front page news at the top, but now you can flip straight to the state/nation or international pages if that’s what you’re looking for.

Events calendar
Finally, the long-awaited Daily events calendar has arrived. Mainly, we wanted to offer this service as a way for student groups to get out the word about their events and for students to become more connected to campus.

Look for the calendar in action on Page 2. Send your proposed events to

On the street
This is a feature that includes a photo of one new face a day along with a description of what’s going on in the photo. Who will be in the photo? Frankly, whoever we feel like. Maybe you.

The thought process behind this little ditty is that you, yes you, get to be in the paper more often.

Also, our reporters and photographers get to have fun gallivanting about the campus meeting you all and translating your slices of life into something everyone can enjoy and look forward to.

Reader’s choice
Whether it was us really valuing what you, the readers, want to see or us just getting tired of making decisions, you will never know. There is some space in our Backtalk section for a new feature, but don’t you want to have a say in which feature that will be?

You have two weeks to do so – vote online at

Reader’s comments
We care about what you have to say and we want to facilitate a dialogue between all of our readers. Starting this week, look for links attached to articles on that allow you to comment on our stories.

Watching the watchers
Everyone likes a little investigative journalism. We like a lot of it. This year, we reformatted our newsroom, consolidating what used to be four desks into three in order to make room for a brand-spanking new project team.

The five reporters and one editor who make up this team will be devoted to investigative, long-term projects that will dig deep into the heart of issues that really affect you, our readership.

In each story or project, reporters will extensively delve into a topic to break down the doors most people would leave closed.

We’re excited and we really think you should be, too.

Readers: We love you. You are the reason we write, edit, capture, design, sell, create, develop, support, market, distribute, produce – everything it takes to put out this paper. Mainly, you make us what we are.

Thank you for reading, thank you for being you. Enjoy your first week of classes and feel free to drop us a line or shoot us an e-mail if you want to talk.

We’ll be listening.

Anna Weggel is the editor in chief. She welcomes your comments at [email protected].

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