Notable prisoners of Waseca Federal Prison

by Frank

The Waseca Correctional Facility âÄì a low-security federal prison âÄì has attracted several notable individuals since it was opened in 1996 as an all-menâÄôs prison.

Former president of Enron Corporation, Jeffrey Skilling, called the Waseca prison home in December of 2006, but was transferred after the prison was converted into an all-female prison.

Currently serving a 24-year sentence in Colorado, Skilling was found guilty of multiple federal felony charges related to the financial collapse of Enron, the now-defunct energy company once headquartered in Texas. 

Another notable inmate of the Waseca prison was Janet Romano, better known by her stage name, Lizzy Borden.

Romano is a pornographic actress who served a one-year and one-day sentence in Waseca for distributing obscene materials.