Bills declines to talk to Star Tribune Editorial Board

by Bryna Godar

The Star Tribune Editorial Board endorsed Sen. Amy Klobuchar for re-election Sunday, calling her a "political marvel" and saying she has "represented Minnesota very well."

Her opponent, Republican Kurt Bills, declined an invitation to meet with the Editorial Board, drawing criticism from it and others.

"His unwillingness to spend an hour explaining his positions and critiquing Klobuchar with journalists at the state's largest news organization should be both revealing and troubling to voters," the Editorial Board wrote. It went on to explain that competition is healthy, and that Bills' campaign isn't presenting enough.

Michael Brodkorb wrote a blog criticizing the candidate's action and calling for candidates who "aren't afraid" to sit down and discuss their ideas. "We need candidates so brave, so fearless, they’ll even sit down with the Star Tribune Editorial Board," Brodkorb wrote.

Bills also "refused Star Tribune requests for an interview" for a profile written about him on Saturday, and the article said he "no longer gives much detail about his campaign schedule."