Nona Marie and the Choir tape release show

by Martina Marosi


where: Bryant-Lake Bowl (810 W. Lake St.)

when: Mon., Oct. 17, 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

cost: $5 advance / $10 at door

Nona Marie and the Choir fast asleep after a long day of melodic singing

Nona Marie, the soulful songstress behind local band Dark Dark Dark, has been at work with a 12-woman choir — made up of local artists and musicians — to create a body of both original and covered music. Even from a survey of its covered songs — which includes material from Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush and George Harrison, among others — the Choir sounds like they have a solid line-up. They’ll release the tape (yes) of their recordings at their release show Monday. Drawing exactly no comparisons to Sister Act, the show is nonetheless bound to be a relaxing and aurally satisfying way to coax yourself into the work-week.

Listen to a few tracks off the album here.

As noted by the choir: “This is it. the first cassette tape. It has 9 songs, including both covers and originals. there’s a limited number, etc.”

As noted by BLB: “THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT” (capitalization courtesy of BLB)