Equality for same-sex marriage

David HottingerâÄôs letter, âÄúSame-sex marriage is bad for children,âÄù in the Oct. 25 Minnesota Daily makes lofty assumptions about marriage. Marriage is about more than just child-rearing, which is almost an entirely separate issue.

The battle for progressive marriage is one that aims to bring about equality in our legal system. Same-sex couples deserve the same basic legal rights and privileges granted to heterosexual couples.

My partner is the most important person in my life. It terrifies me that when we leave college we might not be able to have the same basic protections as our friends.

As for raising children, itâÄôs absurd to think anything in the soft sciences is really âÄúprovable.âÄù Different studies that show either homosexual or heterosexual couples are better parents are easily produced.

A better argument should be brought up against marriage other than sketchy claims about the ability of same-sex couples to raise children, if one could be brought up at all.

One would think compassion, patience, love and the ability to educate my child are more important than the sex of the person I have dinner with.

Next November, vote for equality.

Zachary Flessert

University student