An early look at the ’09 recruiting class

by Paul Cordes

Well it’s better than the last of the Mason years but certainly a little down from last year.

The recruiting season is not yet over, but the Gophers bursting into the top-25 as far as recruiting goes is looking unlikely. The Gophers finished at No. 17 a year ago according to, but currently sit at No. 44 in the ‘09 rankings.

A season ago, coach Tim Brewster had seven 4-star recruits signed on to wear the maroon and gold. This season, Brewster has snagged just two 4-star recruits.  Though, one could argue that he has a third coming in next season as Marqueis Gray, a member of last year’s recruiting class, looks to have cleared up his ACT issues and is expected to be a member of the team next season.

So far, the Gophers coaching staff has nine offensive players who have given at least a strong verbal, five defensive players and then four who fall under neither of those categories. 

Compared to the rest of the conference, Minnesota is hanging out in the middle. The Gophers are currently ranked seventh in the Big Ten with Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State sitting at No. 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

Granted, it’s not like the first class the Brewster brought into the U a year ago, however compared to the final two years that former head coach Glenn Mason was on the recruiting trail, it’s still an improvement. Minnesota was ranked No. 57 with one 4-star recruit in 07 and No. 62 with not a single 4-star recruit in 06.