GOP’s Jungbauer drops out of governor’s race

by Mackenzie Martin

Republican state Sen. Michael Jungbauer is calling it quits on his run for governor of Minnesota.

In an e-mail sent to supporters on Wednesday, Jungbauer said he was dropping out of the race due to a lack of financial support for his campaign. 

"Our campaign is truly supported by the working class that is struggling through these hard financial times," Jungbauer said. "Therefore we have not received the financial support necessary to carry on with the campaign."

Jungbauer first entered the race in July. His campaign, entitled, "Because Life is too Short for Bad Government," focused on education, transportation and public safety. He said he will now focus on winning re-election to his seat in the Senate in 2010. 

With the election nearly a year out, seven Republican candidates remain in the wide-open race.