Israeli policies in Palestine

The Nov. 26 column “Israeli policies are unjust for neighbors” by Sana Ansar makes a

convincing case that a problem exists but makes no effort to solve it. Israeli policies are in response to a largely hostile Palestinian population that supports a massive campaign of terror against Israelis.

The practice of keeping Palestinian refugee camps under curfews and otherwise restricting movements is intended to prevent terrorists from entering into Israel’s population centers. Likewise, the bulldozing of terrorists’ homes, however misguided, is an attempt to discourage support of suicide bombers.

The Israeli government has not imposed these measures out of random cruelty, but rather as an obligation to protect their own citizens. Furthermore, it is extremely misleading to blame the Israeli government for the fact that the Palestinians are still considered to be living in refugee camps; the Palestinian leadership has consistently opposed permanent settlement.

Palestinians must take part in any effort to better their condition. There will never be support for a Palestinian state until the Palestinians have demonstrated a willingness to engage in peaceful, meaningful negotiation.

Until then, Israel should not be blamed for trying to protect itself against terrorism; it should, in fact, be commended for its restraint. If Israel followed the United States’ lead, it would destroy the Palestinian Authority, hold Arafat in a prisoner of war camp and build a new government to its own taste.

Joseph Jay-Dixon, senior,Hopkins High School