Keystone XL controversy creates false dichotomy

by Lee Samelson — Daily reader

The American Petroleum Institute has been placing full- page advertisements in major newspapers asking Americans to call the White House in support of granting the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Congress gave Obama a 60-day decision ultimatum, attempting to box him into a political no-win corner of an âÄúenvironment vs. jobsâÄù false dichotomy, and his decision to reject the pipeline will be an issue in the 2012 campaign.
Employment is the one issue that can unite both red and blue voters together, yet itâÄôs been hereby transformed into a club to attack this growing blue-green alliance that Big Oil apparently fears. If âÄúKeystone XL equals jobs,âÄù then does anti-Keystone XL mean anti-jobs? This divisiveness that diverts attention from better, cleaner, renewable energy solutions can only breed in an environment of ignorance.
Keystone XL would have spelled environmental disaster for a long pipeline through AmericaâÄôs breadbasket. The open pit mining of the tar sands project is making the Athabasca River region in Alberta look like the moon with vast âÄútailing pondsâÄù of highly toxic water. Denying the pipeline was the right decision âÄî jobs in energy donâÄôt have to come at the expense of the environment.