Server upgrade may ease class registration

When spring and intersession registrations begin next week, the University’s computer server will be able to handle twice the number of students registering for classes at the same time.
The system is expected to handle 400 simultaneous transactions, according to an e-mail sent by the Office of the Registrar. Registration for spring semester and the May intersession classes will begin Nov. 15.
Registration officials said the process will be “more reliable and stable.”
On the first day of fall registration in May, computer glitches forced about 500 students to register in person rather than online. Some students said they waited up to 90 minutes before being able to register.
Computers were down again in August because of more glitches in the newly implemented software, Student Server.
The Gopher student help line will be unavailable to handle student requests for course information while it is upgraded for year 2000 compliance.
But queue and hold information will still be available from the University’s Web site and in the spring semester class schedule. Course guides and registration booklets will be available at campus bookstores today.
Besides the usual information, the class schedule will explain system problems during fall registration.

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