MSA members should overturn Nagel’s veto

Minnesota Student Association President Mark NagelâÄôs veto for the creation of a committee that would focus on creating solutions that could deter rising student tuition costs is irresponsible. We call on MSA members to overturn NagelâÄôs misguided veto. The one substantive attempt in the last few years from the student government body to fight on behalf of students, who are more burdened with a rising cost for education at the University each year, was vetoed by Nagel. The resolution to create the tuition committee was passed at MSAâÄôs first forum on Sept. 16, according to The Minnesota Daily. The committee would consist of MSA members, faculty and administrators from the University, in a new attempt at addressing tuition increase concerns and looking for alternative solutions. NagelâÄôs reasoning, according to comments in FridayâÄôs Daily, was that âÄúhe didnâÄôt see how the tuition committee would be doing anything new,âÄù since the goals of the committee are already on the agenda of other groups, especially the student representatives to the Board of Regents, who advocate on behalf of students. But whatever the Minnesota Student Association has been doing the last few years to combat tuition increases hasnâÄôt worked. Ryan Kennedy, an at-large MSA rep, said in the Daily article that MSA, student senators and representatives to the regents âÄúhave been there the last eight years when we have seen tuition go up 120 percent.âÄù Obviously, the current system isnâÄôt working, and studentsâÄô interests are being ignored. The new committee would offer alternative solutions to present to the regents and hold more credibility, since it would include faculty and administrators, as well, which would offer a balanced point of view on tuition concerns. The committee is a step in the right direction and could give voice to studentsâÄô concerns of increasing tuition that have yet to be heard. If MSA members have the interests of students in mind and truly represent the student body, they will overturn the veto of their leader.