U picks new partner in transportation accessibility research

by Benjamin Farniok

The University of Minnesota Accessibility Observatory announced Monday that they will be partnering with TomTom, a navigation device company, to create a dataset to document transportation accessibility to jobs across the U.S., according to a University press release.

“Accessibility metrics indicate how well a transportation system fulfills the goals of connecting users to valuable destinations,” Observatory director Andrew Owen said in the release.

The data will be used to demonstrate how well a transportation system can bring people to work and other spots, KSTP reports.

The report states that the Minnesota Department of Transportation, The Federal Highway Administration, and transportation departments from across the country are contributing to the study.

Directions Magazine writes that TomTom announced that it will be providing map data as well as speed data to determine accessibility in various metropolitan areas.

The article states that the data will be used to inform policy, transportation evaluation, planning, and further research.