Marijuana legalization debate on West Bank tonight

The speakers have been touring college campuses since 2001.

âÄúThe Great Debate: Heads Vs. Feds,” a debate tour concerning the legalization of marijuana will be held Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Willey Hall. The debate features Steven Hager, the former editor-in-chief of High Times magazine, which focuses on the cultivation and use of marijuana and marijuana-related products, and Bob Stutman, a former New York City agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency as part of a national college tour that the pair has been putting on since 2001 in an effort to show both sides of the argument and keep college students informed. The event comes as the Minnesota State Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Tuesday to protect patients using medical marijuiana from arrest by a vote of 4 âÄì 3. Approximately 6.6 million marijuana plants were seized in the United States in 2007, a one-third increase of plant seizures from the previous year. Minnesota Programs and Activities Council sponsors the event.