Stangler, Reichl are best for MSA leadership

Stangler and running mate Reichl would bring enthusiasm and experience to MSA leadership.

Beginning Wednesday, University of Minnesota students will once again have the opportunity to elect two students for president and vice president of the Minnesota Student Association.

This year, the Minnesota Daily Editorial Board endorses Joelle Stangler and her running mate John Reichl as president and vice president for the next academic year.

Stangler’s ambition is the driving factor behind her campaign. As a sophomore, she is MSA’s intern coordinator and a representative to the Board of Regents. Reichl, a junior, would also bring multiple leadership experiences to the vice president position as a Board of Regents representative and president of the Honors Student Association.

The two have a long-reaching platform covering sexual assault awareness, transportation and a generally more responsive MSA, among other issues. While Stangler is ambitious, the two also told the editorial board about numerous tangible goals, including working with the Aurora Center to promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month, tackling MSA turnover problems and voicing student concerns about bus routes on and around campus.

The other presidential candidate, Abdisamed Awed, is not without his own merits and, in an interview with the editorial board, rightly voiced concern over MSA’s biggest challenge: outreach and accessibility. While MSA’s promising polling initiative — a major component of Stangler’s platform — is one way of reaching out to University  undergraduate students, MSA must work to improve its approachability.

Please visit to vote for MSA candidates this Wednesday through Friday.