Nothing says winter feast like tacos and pizza

Fat and gross is the new thin and pretty

With more than two months until ice turns to slush, that extra layer of winter fat is still as necessary as ever. So what better strategy to keep it thriving than casual overeating and a daily cocktail hour? For that goal, tacos and pizza are a go-to resource, and A&E is here to help you find them on the cheap. Pancho Villa 2539 Nicollet Ave. S Named after a Mexican revolutionary and nestled safely on Eat Street, Pancho Villa has become a staple in the thrifty Uptowner diet. Their happy hour is more like a happy workday, with two-for-one taps and margaritas from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. With a more than manageable price tag for food and drink and a completely un-yuppie-fied atmosphere to boot, Pancho Villa is a must for anybody looking to eat, drink and be merry without breaking the bank. Broadway Pizza 2025 West River Road In our quest for budget-based obesity, there isnâÄôt much that can top a buffet. And as far as all-you-can-eat goes, not much can hold a candle to Italian food. Enter: Broadway Pizza. With a buffet that runs 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. weekdays and a happy hour that starts at 2 in the afternoon, thereâÄôs little time for shallow breathing in between food coma and afternoon buzz. Picosa 65 Main St. SE Nestled in St. Anthony-Main between a formidable sushi restaurant and a disappointingly neglected movie theater, Picosa remains a shining light in the stable, if not stagnant, old Main bars scene. So what makes Picosa stand out? Besides a lunch buffet and a punch-in-the-face happy hour, its true source of virtue can be summed up in two words: dollar tacos. Scarf âÄôem down with two-for-one mojitos as a side project. If itâÄôs not the right day for tacos, that just means itâÄôs the right day for 50-cent hot wings. So this is heaven, eh? Vegas Lounge 965 Central Ave. NE Nothing is more gluttonous, glamorous and all-consuming than sin city, and for Northeast MinneapolisâÄô Vegas Lounge, the same rules apply. With karaoke observed nightly, pull tabs a go-go, meat raffles to break the belt and drinks so cheap that happy hour doesnâÄôt need to exist, the Vegas Lounge is less of a bar than a way of life. Need another reason to go? The kitchen cooks up Heggies brand , the little-known Minnesota-based miracle by way of frozen pizza thatâÄôs the best thing to happen to this state since the Rollergirls .