Fine raised for second texting while driving citation in Minnesota to $225

by Sarah Thamer

Gov. Dayton signed into law an increase in the fine for texting while driving violations after the first incidence to $225,  according to Fox9. “Gov. Mark Dayton signed a transportation funding and policy bill into law on Friday that increases the penalty for second and subsequent violations of texting while driving to $225. The fine for the first violation is $50," the station reports.

Minnesota’s “No Texting while Driving’ law prohibits drivers from reading, texting, or composing emails and messages while the vehicle is in motion. This includes being at a traffic stop or light.

“The Minnesota Department of Public Safety estimates that distracted driving could be responsible for about one-quarter of all vehicle crashes and more than 60 traffic deaths per year in the state,” MPR reported.

Between 2011 and 2013, one out of four crashes in Minnesota occurred due to distracted driving, including texting and driving, MPR reports.

State trooper Scott Rudeen, compares texting and driving to driving while intoxicated. The solution to this issue is enforcement, education, and time for these practices to take effect, Rudeen said to WCCO