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The artist masterfully blends EDM, pop and hyperpop on a record that feels like a night out with her.
Review: “BRAT” by Charli XCX
Published June 12, 2024

Drunken Sing-alongs

A&E breaks down the top 5 bar songs.


The best bar songs have absolutely nothing to do with your personal tastes.  TheyâÄôre a communal affair where every loud, off-key voice is just as important as the next.  An incredible amount of drunken camaraderie manifests itself when every single person knows every single word.

With this in mind, A&E compiled a list of the top five bar songs.  Enjoy.

5. âÄúTubthumpingâÄù by Chumbawamba

Starting off as a radical anarcho-punk group in the early âÄô80s, Chumbawamba went essentially unknown in the U.S. until 1997 when they released this drunken anthem.  There are really only two alternating parts, which makes it easy to remember and easy to get stuck in your head.  Just black out and that problem is solved.  After the success of this inebriated masterpiece, Chumba never really, um, got back up again, but a dive bar packed with college kids can still shout out every word.

4. âÄúWhatâÄôs My Age Again?âÄù by Blink 182

ThereâÄôs an angsty, rebellious 13-year-old hidden somewhere inside all of us.  It just so happens that eight beers plus this song is the perfect formula to bring out that snot-nosed spirit.  So when this song comes on, you can forget that youâÄôre a twenty-something and sing along with reckless abandon like youâÄôre pissed that you have a curfew.  Wait until the two-and-a-half minutes are up to ask yourself the titular question.

3. âÄúJumperâÄù by Third Eye Blind

Three âÄô90s songs in a row?  Yes.  Excessive?  No.  Us college folk were aware enough to learn every word of this song, yet in its heyday, we werenâÄôt quite old enough to get wasted and belt it out at the top of our lungs.  Now we are!  So letâÄôs!

2. âÄúDonâÄôt Stop BelievinâÄôâÄù by Journey

Yes, itâÄôs cool that your parents got wasted and sang this song once upon a time âÄî now itâÄôs your turn.  So close your eyes and shout the chorus like a priest to a crowd of skeptics.  But please donâÄôt misinterpret the lyrics and think that the blonde bombshell from your human anatomy class will eventually want to go home with you if you keep at her long enough.  You can stop believing that.

1. âÄúSweet CarolineâÄù by Neil Diamond

Mark my words: if we humans havenâÄôt mutilated our planet to the point of inhabitation; if the illuminati hasnâÄôt brainwashed the masses to sit by and watch a complete culture and art annihilation; if Jesus hasnâÄôt come again to judge the living and the dead; or if we havenâÄôt all simply killed each other, in 200 years our grandchildrenâÄôs grandchildrenâÄôs grandchildren will be getting hammed to this song. 

Controversial Omissions:

âÄúPiano ManâÄù by Billy Joel

âÄúCome on EileenâÄù by DexyâÄôs Midnight Runners

âÄúAmerican PieâÄù by Don McLean

 âÄúClosing TimeâÄù by Semisonic

âÄúHonky Tonk HeroesâÄù by Waylon Jennings

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