U student in critical condition after accident

An Institute of Technology student remains in critical condition today after falling four stories in Mayo Auditorium on Thursday.
Matthew McNiece, 20, attempted to slide down a winding stairway banister when he lost his balance and fell to the ground, said Steven Struthers, who witnessed the incident.
“He grabbed for the railing, and I watched him as he fell,” Struthers said. “We prayed for him until the ambulance came.”
McNiece arrived at Hennepin County Medical Center with severe head injuries. He then underwent six hours of surgery.
Doctors told Jason Erno, a friend of McNiece, that McNiece has an 80 to 90 percent chance of living but will most likely suffer some brain damage.
McNiece is a junior from Worthington, Minn., studying mechanical engineering. He is a member of Campus Crusade for Christ and a former community adviser for Middlebrook Hall. McNiece was recently engaged to be married and in the process of making wedding arrangements.
“Matthew is a smiley, energetic, social person who took his faith seriously,” Erno said. “There are so many people praying for him right now.”
Dan Brun, a Campus Crusade for Christ member, said McNiece brought a sense of joy and youthfulness to the student group’s meetings.
“Matt is a lot of fun to be around. He is a very caring person,” Brun said. “He builds friendships very quickly with people.”

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