Police accuse man of throwing rocks

Police said the man threw rocks through a cab window and a fraternity house.

by Elizabeth Cook

Police arrested a man Friday night on a charge that he threw rocks through a car window and a fraternity house window.

Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University, said a cabdriver flagged down police and told them someone had thrown a rock through his cab window.

While police and the cabdriver were talking, they heard the sound of breaking glass.

The same man threw a rock into a window of the Lodge fraternity house, Johnson said.

According to the report, police caught the suspect with the help of a witness.

The suspect admitted to throwing the rock and said he did it because the fraternity members wouldn’t let him into a party, Johnson said.

The suspect also said people from the house threw rocks at him and he was just throwing them back, Johnson said.

Ryan Timm, president of the fraternity, said he hadn’t heard of anyone throwing rocks at the suspect.

Timm also said he spoke with University police, who advised him to send the claim for the damage to them, and said the suspect will pay for the broken window.

The man was arrested and booked on a charge of damage to property. The case is still active

High on fumes

Police arrived at the corner of Huron Boulevard Southeast and University Avenue Southeast on the evening of March 1 for a report of a possibly intoxicated man laying in traffic.

According to the report, the 37-year-old man was stumbling in and out of traffic lanes on Huron Boulevard Southeast when police arrived. He then fell down, unable to get up.

The officer dragged him to the corner, and he appeared dazed and did not respond to the officer.

As the officer was calling for an ambulance, the man started to huff paint from an empty pop bottle, police said

The officer said the man’s face and hands were covered in gold paint, the same color of the paint in the bottle. The officer took the bottle from him.

An ambulance arrived and took the suspect to Hennepin County Medical Center. The ambulance workers also dumped out several cans of beer they found on him.

A citation for paint inhalation was issued.

“I’ve seen this a number of times in the past,” Johnson said.

Dave Golden, director of public health and marketing for Boynton Health Service, said inhaling paint is not a problem with University students.

It would be unusual for college students because the effects make it hard to be active academically, Golden said.

“Just from one-time use you could end up killing yourself,” he said.

Waffle causes fight

A former University Dining Services employee filed a report with police stating she lost her job after being assaulted with a lunch tray.

According to the report, she said she was assaulted by a suspect who “was not happy to hear they didn’t have any waffle batter.”

The former employee said the incident happened weeks ago, Johnson said, and she claims her employers weighed it against her.

This is an active investigation and police need to talk to more witnesses, Johnson said.