Mayo study reports skin cancer rates rising rapidly among youth

by Andrew Krammer

According to a new Mayo Clinic study, which looked at the skin cancer rates for 18- to 39-year-olds in Olmsted County, found that skin cancer rates among young people rose significantly, particularly among young women.

The study, which looked at the melanoma rates in the 85-percent-white county, found the skin cancer rate increased eight-fold among women and four-fold among men from 1970 to 2009.

Though Mayo researchers didn’t state a cause for the increase in the study, some think it has to do with the use of indoor tanning beds.

“We know for sure that ultra-violet radiation is linked to cancer in a big way, especially tanning bed exposure,” Dr. Jerry Brewer, a Mayo dermatologist who led the study, told Minnesota Public Radio.

In 2010, University of Minnesota researchers found a strong correlation to tanning bed use and melanoma; people who use them are 74 percent more likely to develop a form of melanoma, MPR reported.