Solution to Riverside Plaza concerns

The only solution to the ongoing problems at Riverside Plaza is to entirely demolish this eyesore. It went up in 1973 over the protests of Cedar-Riverside residents who knew that the results of Ralph RapsonâÄôs architectural vandalism were a predictably bad idea. I knew students who made the mistake of living there in the late âÄô80s and early âÄô90s and witnessed the vermin infestation firsthand. My advice to tenants: When your lease is up, find a decent place to live. By âÄúdecent,âÄù I mean just about anywhere else in the Twin Cities. Your protests are futile. Sherman Associates doesnâÄôt care. But they will care if you vote with your pocketbooks. Punish them by taking away their profits. Write it off, and get on with your lives. My advice to the city: $132 million was flushed down this toilet in 2012 âÄî donâÄôt throw good money after bad.