Financial aid tips found on Internet

by Peter Frost

Not every student at the University receives financial aid, but there are alternatives.
It’s too late to fill out the Free Application for Financial Student Aid, and it’s too late to apply for scholarships offered by the University and the colleges within the University.
There are other programs out there, however, and many are made readily available for students with financial need.
The University always has job openings posted, which allow students to work between one and 40 hours a week.
Job openings are posted daily at 170 Donhowe Building on the East Bank, across from the Dinkydome, and 130 Coffey Hall on the St. Paul campus, across the street from the St. Paul Student Center.
At these two locations, students will find job listings for University positions, as well as jobs in surrounding communities.
Besides getting a job, students also have the option of seeking a loan.
It’s too late to apply for student loans offered through the University for fall semester or for federal grants, but students can seek loans through their personal bank or credit union.
There are also Web sites where you can search databases of available scholarships.
Students can also search the Internet for scholarships using search engines, such as Lumina, Yahoo! or Webcrawler.
There are more than 400,000 scholarships available on a Web site called
FastWeb is a service that permits students to search their vast databases for free.
The Web site even personalizes visits with new scholarship updates, given in accordance with the information provided when the user first logs in.
The first time a user logs on, the site gathers a variety of information and uses this info to try and find as many scholarships as possible for the student.
The service caters to all ages of students, from high school to graduate school.