U student in “satisfactory” condition after shooting

A University of Minnesota student is in âÄúsatisfactoryâÄù condition after being shot early Sunday morning outside the Profile Event Center at 26th and University avenues. Family social sciences sophomore Kenya Ollie, 20, suffered a single gunshot wound to the stomach at 1:30 a.m. Ollie was brought to Hennepin County Medical Center and received treatment. HCMC spokeswoman Kathy Roberts said sheâÄôs now in satisfactory condition. Sociology senior Shanita Ollie, 23, KenyaâÄôs sister, was with the victim at the time of the shooting. She said they were standing on the corner outside the Profile Center after leaving a Halloween party, hosted by the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, when four shots were fired. Although Ollie said she didnâÄôt see who fired the shots, she said she doesnâÄôt believe her sister was the intended target. Minneapolis police Lt. Tony Diaz said investigators have been assigned to the case, but that itâÄôs still âÄútoo earlyâÄù to have identified any suspects in the shooting. Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia said there has been mild gang activity around the area of the shooting in the past, and that gangs have tried to crash parties like this one before. That may or may not be the case for this particular incident, he said. Profile Center owner Giovanni Elli said he didnâÄôt see anything during the incident, but that the Profile Center hosts fraternity parties every six weeks and doesnâÄôt know of any past problems. Garcia said there were off-duty police officers working at the party when the shots were fired. University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said UMPD did a scan of the area immediately following the shooting, but they didnâÄôt find any suspects.