Sandusky motions for dismissing charges denied

Michael Geissler

Jerry Sandusky’s motions for dismissing the charges in his child sex-abuse case were denied by the judge Friday, leading to opening statements proceeding on Monday, according to CNN.

Sandusky argued that some of the 52 counts of sexual misconduct were too vague and lacked sufficient evidence against him, but Judge John Cleland denied the motions. The judge did not explain his reasons for denying the motions, according to ABC El Paso. 

Penn State just finished putting a policy in place that requires all faculty members to immediately report on a child sex abuse act. Those who do not report incidents will face disciplinary action, according to CNN.

The allegations against Sandusky came from former graduate assistant Mike McQuery, who allegedly saw Sandusky having sexual contact with a boy in 2002, according to CNN. 

In response to the motions for dismissal the prosecutors said they were a "confused melange" and is related to non-relevant laws. The jury for the case was selected last week and the trial will begin Monday.