Pitchfork: Day Two

by Rebecca Lang

SATURDAY: Union park was packed to the fences today as crowds filtered in to see bands ranging from poetic, deep-voiced songsters The National to recovering-from-valium-cocktail-shame Wavves. How many kids showed up today? Let’s just say there were porta potties galore, but hipsters tend to have their bladders in synch, and getting a shot at one took about 25 minutes, on average. Drinking the 312 beer in moderation was key. Not that everyone stuck to the event’s prescribed drinking method; the real of the mode method was bringing a silver flask, classical style. Hey, no one said hipsters have no style. CONCERTS WE CHECKED OUT: Cymbals Eat Guitars: An articulate singer/guitarist, a Justin Guarini-resembling bass player and a lot of shrieky freakouts make Cymbals Eat Guitars one of the best acts at the show. They stuck to crowd faves and scored many sing-alongs from the audience. Ponytail: They met in a “parapainting” class, whatever that is, but it sure made them good at performing. This crew of somewhat androgynous-looking experimental rockers seem like sweet, crazy forest creatures emerging from the synth-land that is Baltimore, Maryland to play something left of the center (i.e. refreshing). Singer Molly Siegel has no inhibitions, bouncing around in bliss while somehow remembering the exact scale of her non-word shouts at each point on the track, giving their chaotic sound a catchy familiarity. Wavves: This A&E editor truly, truly wanted to give Wavves’ Nathan Williams a second chance after he royally f-ed up in Barcelona by getting too royally f-ed up himself, resulting in the cancellation of his Europe tour. All rock stars should get a free pass to do that at least once, right? Plus, their record is like grape soda for your mind: fizzy, confusing, bad for you, but kind of addicting. Turns out Williams has some timidity issues with the mic, and just couldn’t rock out loud enough to make his distortion-reliant recordings seem worthwhile. -Underwhelmed and sad, Minneapolis. SPOTTED: Girls wearing too many headbands Vegan everything, even vegan corndogs. (If you’re going to go vegan, you’re obviously not trashy enough to eat corn dogs. Let us have our animal-part blend meat!) The assumption that all hipster kids do not eat dairy. In-house ice cream was all non-dairy. To get the real stuff, one had to hit up the peddlers outside the gates. Plenty of locals shouting to scalp tickets. Skinny girls, moshing, and succeeding. American Spirits, everywhere!