What to do over break part one: Christmas Plays

by Rebecca Lang


                While A&E is gone on Winter break, readers may still need a few tips on where to take their art budget in order to maximally entertain themselves. (Yes, some make money during this time of year, only for the price of working in retail. [Shivers at bad memories]). A&E is going to leave a list of the best of the best before its writers embark into a no-homework zone of too many Blue Moons and too much Guitar Hero. (Or, er, those things were cool last year. As for this year, we’ll let you know.)

1st order of business: From the classic to the sideways, the Twin Cities’ Christmas plays.

1.       “A Christmas Carol” at the Guthrie through Dec. 31st

I mostly associate Ebenezer Scrooge with the version of “Duck Tales” I saw as a kid, and if the difference between the Guthrie’s version and “Duck Tales’” version is as drastic as the difference between Wishbone the dog’s reenactment of “The Time Machine” and the Mark Wahlberg-starring cinematic version, then the Guthrie is in trouble. But alas, no play can rival “Wishbone,” so let’s hope that this story by Charles Dickens finds a good home in Minneapolis. Plus, the Guthrie sells huge cookies and you can walk out on its jutting patio for smoke breaks at intermission.

2.       “A Rather Naughty Holiday Show” at the Bedlam Theater Dec. 12th and 13th

If family fun isn’t your territory for wintertime entertainment, try out the Bedlam theater’s production. Put on by the Matt Curney Trio, this R-rated show will go great with the club’s $2 PBR tallboys.

3.       “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” at the Children’s Theater’s United Health Group Stage through Jan. 3rd

It’s a book! It’s a box-office hit movie! No, it’s a play! Or wait, this slightly-Christian allegory is all three! Check it at the Children’s theater.