Health food shop LIV TRU Nutrition opens in Stadium Village

The smoothie shop’s owner hopes the business will draw in students looking for a place to study.

Olivia Wolbert, owner of the newly opened Liv Tru Nutrition, serves tea to a customer on Wednesday, Oct 30.

Sydni Rose

Olivia Wolbert, owner of the newly opened Liv Tru Nutrition, serves tea to a customer on Wednesday, Oct 30.

by Brooke Sheehy

A new nutrition company recently opened in Stadium Village where Mesa Pizza’s second location previously stood. 

Mesa Pizza closed its Stadium Village location in November 2017. After almost two years of vacancy, Olivia Wolbert signed the lease last month and opened her first “healthy smoothie shop,” LIV TRU Nutrition, for business on Oct. 14. 

Wolbert said while the space did not require major renovations, she added amenities like more tables and seating to make the area more welcoming for students to study. 

LIV TRU markets a three system nutritional meal made up of an aloe shot to support healthy digestion, cold or hot energized tea to boost metabolic function and a fully certified meal replacement protein smoothie, Wolbert said. 

“There are over 40 different flavors to choose from,” Wolbert said. “Each smoothie has 24 grams of protein, and there are options to customize your smoothie to fit your nutritional needs.” 

Wolbert said she thinks college students are her “target market” because students need an energy source from healthy foods to be productive and study well. 

“A lot of college students go to coffee shops, go out to eat, and chat with friends or want to study,” Wolbert said. “We got good tunes, good vibes. It’s all about creating [LIV TRU] as a healthy hang out with a fun and healthy atmosphere.”

University student Lauryn Collins heard about LIV TRU when one of her friends posted about it on Instagram.  

“I thought it looked super cute, and I have been waiting for a smoothie place like this to open in the area for a long time,” Collins said. “I would come here and study, and it’s also a quick grab-and-go on my way to class which is super convenient.”

Wolbert’s business also allows customers to make their smoothies at home. She stocks the products used at the store for retail sale, an option she said college students will appreciate because it is more cost-effective. 

University student Haley Oster has been to LIV TRU many times since it first opened almost three weeks ago. 

“It’s nice and quiet. It’s more low-key. There are busy times, but it calms down unlike other coffee shops. It’s healthy. I mean it’s a little expensive, but it’s justifiable,” Oster said.

After the business’ first 90 days, Wolbert said she will begin to hire more nutritional coaches and expand business hours. LIV TRU is currently only open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday with occasional additional hours during Gopher football games.