Ramp closes doors

Robin Huiras

The Mayo Garage closes its gates to the public Oct. 1, with the remaining 45 public parking spaces to be converted to contract spaces.
The primary reason for the conversion of the spaces is to accommodate contract patrons with disabilities.
“There is a need to have a close parking alternative with the closing and demolition of the East River Road Ramp,” said Cari Hatcher, spokeswoman for Parking and Transportation Services.
Alternative public parking is available in the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum Garage, Church Street Garage, Fourth Street Ramp, Huron Boulevard Parking Complex, Oak Street Ramp and the Washington Avenue Ramp.
“We have been very proactive in contacting special groups at the University and in taking active measures to accommodate them,” said Hatcher.
Fliers were handed out to both public and contract patrons of the garage to inform them of the conversion, said Vicky Nelson, assistant to the director of Parking and Transportation Services. The change may affect the already contracted patrons by assigning them a new parking level, she added.
Although the recent decision to convert the spots was made by the parking and transportation department, discussion about the conversion has been going on prior to the University-Fairview Medical Center merger.