U.S. Bank Stadium faces a construction roadblock

Repairs will begin Monday on leaky gutters and could cost up to $4 million.

Annalise Gall

Leaky gutters running along the exterior of the new U.S. Bank Stadium will increase the building project’s cost by up to $4 million, construction firm Mortenson Company said in a statement.
Repairs will begin Monday and will continue for about three months, though the issue isn’t expected to delay the building’s set completion date in July.
Mortenson spokesman Cameron Snyder said the construction and design teams will cover the cost, which is between $3 million and $4 million.
The company found water seeping into an outside wall last fall, Snyder said. Officials took several months to identify and determine a fix for the damage, he said.
Metal panels and the U.S. Bank Stadium sign will be temporarily removed to repair the gutters, according to a Mortenson statement.
“[Repairs] will be completed … well in advance of the conclusion of the project,” Snyder said.