Bail set for driver cited in death of 3 students

by Taylor Selcke

After allegedly driving drunk and killing three students, including two affiliated with the University of Minnesota, a judge in Dane County, Wis., has set the bond at $30,000 for Bradley Erickson âÄî $10,000 for each fatality.
Marcus Johnson, Elysia Rapp and Wilfredo Ugarte were fixing a flat tire when Erickson allegedly rear-ended and killed all three of them.
Johnson and Ugarte were working to become a part of the UniversityâÄôs Spirit Squad.
A third person associated with the University was also in the car but was uninjured.
WKOW-TV reported that the prosecutor in the case, Emily Thompson, will most likely charge Erickson with three counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle.