Daily right to run Deja Vu ads

If the Minnesota Daily has any sense of obligation to the U.S. Constitution, it will disregard the Feb. 23 Letter to the Editor titled “Daily wrong to run Deja Vu ads” imploring the Daily to stop running the Deja Vu ads.

While I can understand and sympathize with some peopleâÄôs offense to an advertisement for a strip club, thatâÄôs far from legitimate grounds to exclude a legitimate business from advertising in a popular media outlet.

The aforementioned article attacks Deja Vu for “displacing” the “personhood” of a woman in favor of her body. I ask, how is that any different from sports?

By and large sporting events emphasize athletesâÄô bodies above their minds, and yet somehow it is more acceptable. I only use sports as an example to point out that by the previous letterâÄôs reasoning, if one is to be up in arms over an ad for a strip club, they should be leading a crusade against the average of two or more pages dedicated to sports in every issue of the Daily.

The only thing Deja Vu is guilty of is smart advertising; what better place to attract new customers than a campus comprised of young but legal consumers with disposable income?