Ham Lake couple tracks down robber through Craigslist

Michael Geissler

Sarah Stratton feared for her and her husband’s lives last week when they awoke to a robber pointing a gun in their faces, according to the Star Tribune.

“All that was running through my mind was, ‘Oh my God! Is he going to kill me?’” Stratton said.

The robber stole a MacBook, $50, a Nikon camera, and some bottles of wine before running out the back door of the house. Stratton said they had been planning to put a security sytem in place.

"We had all of these plans to get an alarm system in, and you just don't think [a robbery's] going to happen that quick. It's just sad," Stratton said.

This week Stratton decided to look on Craigslist to see if the robber put any of her items up for sale. It turned out she recognized a Nikon camera with a strap that resembled hers, and she called the police. She also spotted her computer that was listed as “literally brand new.”

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office sent an undercover police officer to meet with the robber and arrested the teen. By comparing the serial numbers the police found that the two cameras were indeed the same, according to the Star Tribune.

Police found two handguns possessed by the teen, one in his car and another in his house, according to the Pioneer Press. Stratton and her husband still think about the night they were threatened, but they are staying in the house for the time being.

"We built the house. It means a lot to us. … We want to be stronger than that and not let him take everything from us," Stratton said.