NCAA’s academic role under scrutiny

Despite recent news reports that University President Mark Yudof is questioning the viability of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Yudof said Friday he is simply frustrated with the organization.
“I don’t know that it’s not viable … but I can’t help but think there must be a better way of doing business,” Yudof said.
Yudof said the NCAA is too interested in details rather than core issues.
“In general, they are so interested in a level playing field — making sure Minnesota doesn’t buy a slice of pizza for a football player,” Yudof said. “There is not enough concern with the issue of how do we make sure the student-athletes are succeeding both on and off the field.”
One of Yudof’s main concerns is the NCAA allowing freshmen to compete in intercollegiate sports before they get their academic feet on the ground.
“What I have done is worked through the Big Ten. They have really endorsed this question of eligibility,” Yudof said.
Yudof said his primary concern is trying to get the Big Ten together to push for some changes.
“I am not out to dismantle the NCAA, in part because that would be very difficult to do,” Yudof said.

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