Sandusky trial will not be delayed

Nickalas Tabbert

The trial for former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky will still take place in June, a judge ruled Monday.

The one-sentence order by Judge John Cleland did not explain his reasons, but it means the child sex-abuse case will likely begin with jury selection on June 5, the Wall Street Journal said.

Sandusky, 68, faces 52 criminal counts for alleged abuse of 10 boys over 15 years, allegations he has repeatedly denied. The jury will be chosen from the State College area, where Sandusky lives.

Joe Amendola, a lawyer for Sandusky, had asked for the delay on May 9, arguing that he needed more time to find and interview witnesses, and that pending criminal charges against two Penn State administrators made them unavailable as witnesses, the Pioneer Press said.

He said without the delay, he was concerned he would not be able to represent Sandusky effectively and adequately.

Cleland said he would address discovery issues at a pretrial conference between attorneys. He ordered prosecutors to respond by May 25 to a request by Amendola that some charges against Sandusky be dropped, because the locations and times of the alleged crimes were too vague, making them impossible to defend against.

Prosecutors were also ordered to supply to the defense, by May 25, alleged misconduct by Mr. Sandusky that was not included in charges.

The judge ordered Mr. Amendola to submit to prosecutors by May 30 any expert-witness reports and any physical or mental examinations he plans to admit into evidence.

Sandusky lawyer Karl Rominger and a spokesman for the attorney general's office declined to comment on the various rulings, the Press said. Cleland has imposed a gag order that applies to lawyers and others in the case.