Swimmers still undefeated

Ryan Schuster

Friday night’s dual meet between ninth-ranked Minnesota and Ohio State at the Aquatic Center was bittersweet for A-Lisa Miles.
The Buckeyes freshman swimmer was competing in her first meet in her home state since choosing Ohio State over Minnesota last year, but she ended up on the short end as the Buckeyes fell, 178-117, to the Gophers.
She was back swimming in Minnesota for the first time since slighting the Gophers and several other teams a year ago. Miles did consider going to Minnesota, but it was never one of her top choices.
“I just always wanted to go away,” Miles said. “I really liked the people (at Ohio State). It was kind of like a home away from home.”
Gophers coach Jean Freeman recruited Miles, but it was evident that Miles was more interested in going to school out of state.
“She’s a real hard-worker and it would be real nice to have her on our team,” Gophers coach Jean Freeman said. “But … she’s a Buckeye.”
Ohio State seemed to be the right place for Miles. The team was just as pleased as she was that she choose to attend school and swim with them.
“We were really happy that she was looking at Ohio State right from the beginning,” Buckeyes coach Jim Montrella said. “She has been doing a great job.”
Her parents and several friends made the trip from the Minnesota town of Newport to watch her swim. This meet was the first time Miles’ family has seen her compete this season. Columbus, Ohio, is more than 600 miles from the Twin Cities.
“It was really encouraging and kind of motivating to have fans in the stands,” Miles said. “It was awesome.”
The meet itself was far less-inspiring for Miles and the Buckeyes. Miles finished fifth in the 200-yard breaststroke and sixth in both the 100 breaststroke and the 100 butterfly. Minnesota (11-0 overall, 3-0 in Big Ten) won 11 of 16 events, including the first six events, five of them setting new Minnesota-Ohio State meet records.
Miles was hampered during the meet by a splint she wore on her left hand from an injury she sustained 12 weeks ago in a freak bicycle accident. Miles broke her wrist and has had to swim with a cast. She hopes her injury heals in a few weeks.
The Buckeyes hope she is back to normal soon. Ohio State (3-3, 2-1) will take all the help they can get this year.