Low playing free show for DFL tomorrow

Raghav Mehta

This just in: Everyone’s favorite indie rock mormons are pinko nutjobs. Just kidding! But seriously, political vitriol aside, Low just announced they’re playing a FREE show for the DFL at Painter Park tomorrow afternoon. And it makes sense, right? Because what better way to celebrate democratic ideals than a performance from one of the saddest-sounding rock ‘n’ roll bands of our time!

Sponsored by Senate District 60 DFL, the show is part of the DFL’s Blue BBQ celebrating…err… progress? Vague, I know, but that’s no reason to miss out on what will surely be a phenomenal performance.  The event kicks off at 11 am and Play Ball Catering will be providing food that includes pork-free and vegetarian options sold at, according to Citypages, a small fee. Also, there will probably be appearances from popular Democrats too. Maybe get some insight from Mayor Rybak on how he feels about Alan Sparhawk’s solo fare?

More deets below:

Low, The Gated Community, The Middle States

June 11th

11 am ­– 3 pm

Painter Park

Lyndale and 34th St, Minneapolis