Reject the ban on same-sex marriage

The marriage amendment would promote the restriction of rights that every citizen deserves.

Daily Editorial Board

On Tuesday, voters will be asked to either support or reject a constitutional amendment that would ban marriage between same-sex couples. Denying any right from a specific demographic is unjust and should not be written in our state Constitution.

Marriage matters to more people than just heterosexual couples. It is a symbol of love between two human beings, and sexual orientation should not be a factor. It is unfair to deny gay couples a basic right that is offered to heterosexual couples.

It is not the government’s place to deny the rights of citizens simply because of their sexual orientation. People have the right to their own beliefs, but it is wrong to restrict other people’s freedoms through government laws as a result of those beliefs. The marriage amendment is a proposal that, if passed, would write discrimination explicitly into our state Constitution, which is supposed to protect freedom, not take it away.

Recent advertisements suggest homosexuality will be taught in our schools and small businesses will suffer consequences if the amendment does not pass. These statements are false and are aimed to stir up fear and uncertainty surrounding the issue. Marriage in general hasn’t been something that is taught in school, and it is untrue that the amendment failing would result in students being forced to learn about same-sex marriage in class.

Minnesotans going to the polls Tuesday should send a clear message to the state Legislature by voting to reject the marriage ban. Voters should overcome the negative advertisements and fear tactics often used to argue against marriage equality and become the first state in the nation to reject a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.