Golf director Harris tries to get Brenny suit thrown out

Katherine Lymn

Citing lack of evidence of harassment or defrauding, University of Minnesota Director of Golf John Harris asked Wednesday that Katie Brenny’s suit against him be thrown out, the PiPress reported.

The Daily last semester broke the story of Brenny’s alleged mistreatment during her time with the golf program.

Brenny resigned after just two months as associate women’s head golf coach last semester after essentially being shut out from her duties and from the team. The suit accuses Harris of taking away her responsibilities upon finding out she was a lesbian. She seeks $200,000 in damages, the PiPress reported. The suit alleges retaliation and discrimination based on sexual preference, Brenny’s lawyer told the Daily in the time leading up to the suit’s filing.

Hennepin County District Judge William Howard did not say whether he would accept Harris’s motion to dismiss, or a similar motion filed by the University.

University General Counsel Mark Rotenberg said the school stands by Harris and that it wants to avoid litigation.

Trial is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 12.