Morality in the United States

Have you ever thought of why there are laws in this country? Have you asked yourself why do you follow these laws? Why do people say God bless America? When the United States was formed, this country made an âÄúallianceâÄù with God. We can say that God was our friend. Have you ever wondered why GodâÄôs name is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, as well as the pledge of allegiance? The laws in the United States were formed based on the Ten Commandments. God has blessed the country to overcome difficult times, especially during the financial crisis in the 1930s and World War II. In the last 40 years, the people of the United States have turned their back on God. First, it was pornography in the 1960s. Then it was abortion in 1973. Stem-cell research and gay rights movements are some of the more recent âÄúliberalâÄù movements. How do you think God would feel about this matter? God is not only merciful, but judgmental as well. Yifu Chen University graduate student