Media discusses Sikh temple gunman’s identity, motives

Simon Benarroch

Multiple news outlets released details on Sunday's Sikh temple shooter. His name is Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old U.S. Army veteran. 

According to a CBS report, he received a less-than-honorable discharge in October 1998 and had been living in an apartment in South Milwaukee for about two weeks. 

Officials are taking care not to immediately conclude that the attack was racially motivated, but the Regional News Network has described Page as a "possible neo-Nazi," citing evidence from the Southern Poverty Law Center that he had been attempting to buy materials from a white supremacist group

The investigation is being treated as a "domestic terrorist-type situation" according to Oak Creek Police chief John Edwards. But, CBS reported, other sources are believe it should be referred to as "an investigation into a possible hate crime."

A federal official, whose name the Washington Post kept private, was less certain to brand the crime.

"Right now, it's just a mass shooting," he said. "What you have is somebody who walked into a Sikh temple and opened fire. Who knows what his motivation was?"