Daily Digest London: UK students seek education abroad

Jeff Hargarten

LONDON – As students from the United States study abroad in London over the summer, residents of the United Kingdom are looking to escape high British education fees by obtaining degrees in mainland Europe, The Guardian reported.

Tuition promises to spike across the UK this autumn and some students are choosing to pursue their degrees in Europe instead. Countries like Holland have very cheap tuition, whereas Denmark and Sweden don’t charge for education at all.

A March survey showed a quarter of students were planning to study in another country, while another 70 percent were considering it.

British students graduating in-country also have experienced challenges finding jobs, forcing many to move back in with their parents. Journalism students and survey takers scoured through City University London asking people about the steadily growing phenomenon, which seems to be mirroring the U.S. trend.

A February poll showed 25 percent of UK graduates were unemployed in 2011. But while tuition rates in mainland Europe are lower than in Britain, the EU is also facing very high graduate unemployment numbers.