Torture talk Tuesday at U

Author Jane Mayer will appear with Walter Mondale at Humphrey.

Jane Mayer, a reporter for the New Yorker magazine and the author of a variety of books on United States public policy, will speak at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs on Tuesday alongside University of Minnesota Professor Larry Jacobs and former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale. MayerâÄôs latest book, 2008âÄôs âÄúThe Darker Side,âÄù addresses the Bush administrationâÄôs use of anti-terrorism measures, such as interrogation techniques chronicled in legal briefs released last week by the Obama administration. On Monday, Mondale compared the memos, which included justification for interrogation techniques such as waterboarding, to a, âÄúhow-to-do-itâÄù manual. âÄúThereâÄôs kind of a detached, cold-bloodedness to those legal opinions,âÄù he said. Mondale said he was happy to see Obama release the memos. âÄúI think itâÄôs important to have these out in the public record,âÄù he said. However, Mondale said he wasnâÄôt too surprised by the content of the memos because, he said, he had read MayerâÄôs book beforehand. âÄú[Mayer] is two years ahead of the news weâÄôre now reading,âÄù he said. Mayer, Mondale and Jacobs will appear at noon at the Humphrey Forum at the Humphrey Institute on Tuesday. The event is free and open to the public. Check for more.