Magus worker robbed outside shop storefront

The University Aurora Center also reported receiving a series of harassing phone calls Friday.

Aaron Job

The Aurora Center was subject to several harassing calls last week, and a student lost $1,600 to an online scheme. 
Sexual Assault
Minneapolis police responded to an assault at the 800 block of Washington Avenue late last month, according to a police report. The report denotes the incident as rape. 
According to the report, officers interviewed a suspect who was later released. 
The victim received medical care, and the case is under investigation.
Aurora Center harassment
The Aurora Center allegedly received four harassing phone calls over a 20-minute period late last Friday, according to a police report.
The report does not state in what way the calls were harassing or if the calls targeted the center or an individual affiliated with the organization. 
The Aurora Center declined to comment on the case due to the confidential nature of their work.
“We’re not comfortable commenting and getting the word out there that we would talk openly to the public about individual cases,” said the Center’s director, Katie Eichele. 
Weapons used in robberies
Two instances of aggravated robberies were reported over the last week, according to police documents. 
In one incident on May 1, an employee of Magus Books was robbed at knifepoint outside the Dinkytown store.
Magus assistant manager Adam Schaab said the suspect asked if their employee had change for a $20 bill before he grabbed the wallet and ran.
The employee’s father, William Kobett, said he pulled up to pick his son up from work when he saw the suspect run away.  
“I got out of the car and chased the guy down … behind and below Annie’s [Parlour] on the bike path there,” Kobett said. 
Kobett said he was unable to catch the suspect, who allegedly stole about $50 from his son. 
According to the report, the business next door, the Hideaway, has footage of the incident and is making a copy for police.
“It was just a crime of opportunity,” Kobett said.