Norman Borlaug memorial

by Don Henry

Some reflections on the memorial event last week when the University of Minnesota and its College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences bade a heartfelt farewell to highly acclaimed alumnus, Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug: For those in attendance, it was indeed a very fitting tribute celebrating Dr. BorlaugâÄôs life and unparalleled scientific, educational and diplomatic achievements combating global hunger. Also fondly recalled were his unwavering loyalty and gratitude to the University for helping nurture the roots of his career. (The collegeâÄôs Web site has a video of the service.) This impressive event represented a culmination of recent efforts to reacquaint the University community and Minnesotans with alumnus Borlaug and ensure that his legacy of service to humanity will continue to be an inspiration to others. To this end, the memorial programâÄôs notable speakers urged the audience to honor NormanâÄôs memory by continuing his lifelong mission of alleviating poverty and hunger wherever they exist. Many faculty and staff currently at his home college and the Department of Plant Pathology, themselves international leaders in their fields of agricultural science, will certainly continue to draw upon the Borlaug heritage to inspire and inform their own work feeding the worldâÄôs people and training the next generation of hunger fighters. LetâÄôs hope many others find ways to pursue the quest as well. There could be no more fitting tribute to this remarkable humanitarian and his alma mater. Don Henry University alumnus